Cartoon Book Travels Abroad. Seriously.

What’s a werewolf to do when lost in a foreign city? Ask directions of course!  (as you can color_0080_wherewolfsee the French seem very relaxed about talking to a werewolf. Perhaps that baguette makes a great club if needed)

And, what’s our book entitled ‘Butt Seriously’ to do when shipped overseas and placed in strange surroundings? Why, take a tour of course!


cover_thumbnailRecently, a copy of our book’ Butt Seriously’, was purchased by a man who lives in Amsterdam (The Netherlands.)  How do I know this? He sent me the photos! He also added in his e-mail that after laughing uncontrollably for days (and snickering well into each night) he finally had to leave his condo for fresh air, food, and to make sure hordes of menacing zombies had not taken over his city. (They hadn’t, and the few he did run in to were too busy laughing to wreak any havoc, as they had already bought their own copy of ‘Butt Seriously’)

10419382_10204876410735791_1873301331005471510_nHere is the book outside the home. (it probably should have been on a leash so as not to bite any passers bye)

The book resting on his bicycle. (Note to self: our next book 10491237_10204876409495760_2457582448481116929_nshould have longer legs to reach the pedals.)




10359158_10204876410455784_2085122863090266795_nHere it is adding much needed roughage to his happy meal at McDonalds. (I guess that would make his lunch a ‘happy, happy’ meal.)




I’m also so glad we printed the cover in rubber because when his car got a flat tire he used the book to mend it! Butt Seriously!! At least this way he can’t read it while driving!  (He texted me from behind the wheel to tell me that)

And finally as we leave the Netherlands here is the book resting on top of – what looks like – a giant (Amsterdam Gold) block of cheese!


So, why not get your own copy of our book ‘ Butt Seriously’ here and take it on a tour of wherever it is that you live. Then send us the photos!

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