Butt Seriously – Our New Book. No, seriously

my meat taste funny, yours?When a buzzard’s stomach growls for food it eats. When thirsty, it drinks. But, what’s a bird to do when hungry for humor? Well, our friend could eat a dead clown but one must be careful as eating too much of a rotting carcass can lead to explosive laughing gas, the kind accompanied by the potent whiff of unwashed socks. No, I feel that for all ones gourmet needs, the buzzard – and those people that just think they’re buzzards – need look no further than our new book entitled: ‘Butt Seriously’.Mustard and Boloney, "Butt Seriously..."

The meat of ‘Butt Seriously’ is humor, complemented by a side order of irreverence, and all manner of situations and subjects are drawn upon to create the delicious ‘aha’ moment. (I’ve eaten ‘aha’ and it especially tastes great when seasoned with curry) Thinking outside the icebox is mandatory, and some panels may cause you to stand on your head and think, “So, that’s what it all means.”  (by reading this blog upsidedown can also lead to fresh insights)color_0449_rodin

Dan Piraro, creator of Bizarro (www.bizarro.com) kindly offered to write the forward to our book. He states, “The real art of cartooning is to create a compelling illustration that facilitates a compelling gag. Caulfield (Mustard) and Rouillard (Boloney) are the most shining example of this unique combination I have seen in some time. In a word what they’ve created here is elite.”

Thanks Dan! You made us both cry tears of joy at reading your eloquent words. (next time though, please send them to us in sentence form; it took us days to piece it all together)  FYI: Bizarro’s copy of ‘Butt Seriously’  is hand-signed – in blood – of course.  I say ‘of course’ as it’s normal for a cartoonist to request an unusual offering for writing a forward. (Blood is at least a step down from his initial request for our souls.)

color_0048_budgieSo, when hungry for humor look no further than our new book ‘Butt Seriously’,  where every single cartoon panel is guaranteed to fill you with your daily allotment of smiles, belly-roars and well, maybe the occasional gas, but at least minus the calories and salt. Order your own copy today, and maybe one extra one for your friendly neighborhood bird or un-feathered relative.

Bon appetit!

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