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Lady Gaga and family

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Boloney Illustrates New Children’s Book. Seriously!


There is exciting news here at Mustard and Boloney’s cartoon diner! Alexandre Rouillard (Boloney) has just completed illustrating a brand new children’s book called: Lulupop, Pants! No Chance! 

And, I have been privileged enough to receive an advance copy. I can honestly say that the story is strong and of course Alexandre’s artistry – as always – is impeccable. His style is a departure from our usual offerings here on our comedic diner but then it needs to be, as the book is designed for, well, why not let the author herself describe it? Take it away Susan Lanyi.

Pants! No Chance! is a picture book directed at preschool and primary school children.  The story focuses on Lulupop, a girl who simply loves dresses and does not like wearing pants.  Lulupop and her mother struggle daily but Lulupop is a feisty heroine with a mind of her own and she insists on wearing dresses no matter what the situation.  Through her own personal experience Lulupop eventually understands in particular situations it is more sensible to wear pants.


The inspiration for the main character Lulupop and “Pants! No Chance!” was Susan Lanyi’s three year-old daughter Leah who always wanted to wear dresses.   Susan believed that she was not the only one living this battle with her preschooler.  Other parents must have had similar experiences.  Thus the idea for Pants! No Chance! was born.



Thanks Susan for visiting our diner and bringing this book to our attention.  And, Alexandre Rouillard’s stunning water-colors certainly have brought life and breath to Lulupop the “Girl Who Loves Dresses.”

maisey in red dressThanks Susan. I already know of one young person I will make sure gets a copy, and that’s my granddaughter Maisey. (who loves dresses as well).

To order your own copy of this great children’s’ book visit:






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Our Youngest Fans Love Extra Mustard On Their Boloney. Seriously!

April 2014 213This is my granddaughter Maisy. You may remember me speaking about her from several posts back. What a doll! She called me the other day to let me know just how much she enjoyed reading our latest book entitled: Butt Seriously.

She loved it so much that she began passing it around to family and friends. (next time I’ll have to encourage her to ‘sell’ the book to her friends, not loan it out. I need the money to start that college fund!)

Here it is in the hands of her sister Gemma, (another fabulous granddaughter) who is ecstatic to get it. And, why not? it’s packed full of cartoons – over 100gemma and our book of them – for any and all ages.

Actually, I believe when Gemma was born the doctor was reading a copy and as he was laughing so hard when she entered the world I know Gemma will grow up to have an excellent sense of humour. ( he also slapped her bottom using our book instead of the usual hand slap hence she ‘giggled’.) And she’s never looked back.

As you can see the book in her hand has been DSC_1663 (1)well-traveled and seen better days meaning many have enjoyed its humour! (I believe even the family dog glanced through it and tried to bury it for future generations to dig up and enjoy.)

With that in mind Gemma requested a new copy – one without dog ‘spittle’ on it. I gave her one and here she is having just finished reading it cover-to-cover. And check out that happy smile! (another satisfied customer)

And, you may ask, what was her favourite cartoon? She said she just loved the one on page 8. (now you’ll have to get your own copy to see her preferred panel.) 10981211_10155254717085521_8208557309679377914_n

Here are my two little princesses discussing the book amongst themselves, and reliving their joy at having feasted at a banquet of hilarious jokes. I’ll bet they are discussing each and every panel in detail.

That gives me an idea for a cartoon! I’m jotting the idea down right now. (don’t tell them that they inspired it or they may want royalties of some sort) I think I’ll just give them all the mustard and bologne they can eat and let it go at that)

And, maybe another free book.

(okay two free ones.)




Here it is! A cartoon fit for not one but two princesses.

(I especially like the ‘no coaches’ sign in front of the store)

And, although you can’t see it she is wearing glass slippers under her dress.

And, in her giant handbag she has, of course,  a copy of our book. (she’s probably taking it into the print place to run off illegal copies. Mnnnn.)



Thanks Maisy and Gemma for all your inspiration and kind words about our latest book.

If you two ladies have any ideas you’d like me to work on then jot them down and hand them over. I will give you full credit, of course.

Keep on smiling. Your grandpa loves you both!!!

Butt Seriously…………….

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