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Laughter Is The Best Medicine

Balinese Press was created in 2014 by Jeffrey Caulfield and AlexandreRouillard. It was created to give cartoonists who specialize in single-paneled, multi-themed humour a voice. This type of humour generally is a blend involving no recurring characters, idea or motif. Anything and everything in the universe is open for consideration, and neatly packed tightly into one frame.Balinese Press does not do three-panel strips, or serials, at this time.‘BUTT SERIOUSLY’  by artists Mustard and Boloney is Balinese Presses first release and can be ordered here. It is packed full of myriad cartoons featuring, well, just about everything. The artistry is impeccable and the humour irreverent.

Dan Piraro (creator of Bizarro) loved the material so much that he insisted on writing the forward to this fine book. He states, “The real art of cartooning is to create a compelling illustration that facilitates a compelling gag. Mustard and Boloney are the most shining example of this unique combination I have seen in some time. In a word what they’ve created here is elite.”

Balinese Press is proud to offer you this fine publication. To order ‘BUTT SERIOUSLY’ please visit here to obtain your signed copy.

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