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musician panhandling

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Jersey Boys Singing

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Murder at the symphony

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Goodman versus Shaw

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Symphony Murder

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Harry Potter stoned

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The Supreme's Music

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Nero plays while Rome burns

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Are You Seeing Double? Yes, You Are!

Our book coverAlexandre and I are extremely proud and excited to have sold an astounding amount of copies of our new book ‘Butt, Seriously’. I have to use all my toes and fingers plus some of Alexandre’s  to count that high.

To all of you who bought we give a heartfelt thanks. And, to those that haven’t yet managed to snag a copy we say: Why not? Is a heartfelt thanks not enough? Do you require a kidney too?

Or, are you secretly waiting for the deal of the century?

Well, here it is! Out in the open. THE DEAL OF THE CENTURY!

For a limited time we’re prepared to offer this fabulous deal: Buy one book at the regular price and get an additional copy for only 5 bucks more! You heard – or rather read – that right. You can now get two copies of this humorous tome for only $25. (shipping, handling and taxes included.)

I will also personally hand-sign each and every copy of this collectors item, which contains over 100 of our classic cartoons, and all in full eye-popping colour.

WOW! I say WOW again. Never before has such an offer been written by me and in this blog.

I repeat (especially after Chili night at our house) : Get two copies of our new book ‘Butt Seriously‘ for the unheard of price of only $25 dollars. Hey, I’ll even  – as this cartoon suggests – throw in a cruise to further sweeten the deal, so long as you pay for the cruise/airfare and all the taxes yourself.

So, get you own copy of the book that Dan Piraro – creator of Bizarro – has been raving about  RIGHT HERE by clicking with your mouse thingy. Butt seriously!



Mustard And Boloney’s Humour Spans The Ages. Any Age.

maisey in red dress

This is my granddaughter Maisy (who incidentally just turned three). Notice the happy and ebullient smile! That’s because she just finished reading our latest – and greatest – Mustard and Boloney cartoon book entitled ‘Butt Seriously’. And she just loved it!! ( She sat on her butt the whole time while reading it. Unbelievable.)


She also told me that she just can’t wait for the sequel. (As for me, I can’t wait until she gets a job to be able to actually ‘pay’ for a book. Just kidding! All grandkids get one for free; they simply pay for shipping and handling. And since she lives in the Caribbean and I live in Canada that’s going to add up!)

MaIsy especially liked this particular cartoon. (She herself has an innie and if you poke it she giggles like the Pillsbury Doughboy.)

She also drew this cartoon to my attention and asked me what it meant. I said if you have to ask what it means then you aren’t in ‘the club’. She said, if you’re referring to Mensa I get it. I just don’t know why you’re using an antiquated train example. Wouldn’t something along the lines of Quantum Physics have worked better and delivered a much bigger laugh for the reader?

(Geez, okay you’re shipping is free.)

I think my mistake was in getting her all those Albert Einstein books to read when she was April 2014 213younger and not that baby Einstein stuff her parents asked for. Who knew?

(I should have known something was up when she asked to see the film ‘The Theory of Everything’ , a film about Stephen Hawkin, as opposed to viewing ‘Paddington Bear.)

Maisy, while wearing her leopard pjamas and purple boa, pointed out to me this particular cartoon and said, “Quality work, gramps.”

Of course, since I’m old (ish), and my hearing being not as sharp as it once was, I thought she said ‘I can’t work, cramps’ . I quickly said it’s probably due to a lack of fiber, and suggested she eat more bran with flax.

She smiled at this, gave me a big hug then said “You’re crazy.”  I said, “No, you’re Maisy; not me. She laughed out loud then poked at my ‘outtie’ belly button. I giggled. What a doll!

We each then went and changed our respective diapers before continuing to analyze further the maisey and friendhumour of Mustard and Boloney.

Ah, to be young again.

Or, when dissecting Mustard and Boloney’s humour it’s good to be Jung again.

Get you copy of our latest book ‘Butt Seriously’ here.

Bon Appetit!

maisey and gemma