Mustard And Boloney Produce Purrfect Cartoons. Seriously!

subira in kitchen

Here again is my cat Subira. (I’ve mentioned her before in a previous post) She is an absolutely adorable sweetie, and as you know I always run my cartoons by her for an opinion. (for this photo I shot it through my glass back doors. She is waiting patiently for me to take her out for her walk, which I do everyday on a leash. Weather permitting of course. She does not like her delicate toes to get too wet or too cold.)

Today, she asked if I would let her pick some of her favourites from the catalogue of Mustard and Boloney cartoons to place into this post. I said sure!  So, take it away Subira!!


This one (just completed) seemed to catch her eye. (oddly enough, even though Subira does not

color_0221_cat_nipdrink when she is playing those beautiful blue eyes turn completely blood red. Mmnnn. I do check her breath;  nothing but kibble odour there.)

She even has a habit of lying on her back with her tummy exposed. Life imitating art?

This next one she wanted in as she loved the twist on a familiar theme. She has nothing against dogs; as a matter of fact she actually likes them, and when we are out walking she goes right over to meet them.  She is extremely social. color_0217_blind_dog



As you know cats need their beauty sleep and Subira is no exception. Here she has curled up into my clothes box for a quick snooze. (all this cartoon picking has worn her

subira in boxout) This momentary break gives me time to create fresh material and do some much needed laundry.

(Her naps can take a while so you may want to go to the fridge for a beer and a sandwich. Maybe even take in a movie.)

She’s awake again! But we’ll be a few minutes more as she needs a snack, some play time and a quick walk around the block to meet and greet her other furry friends. Ah, to be a cartoonist’s cat.

Again looking back over some of the past panels she selected this classic as her next offering.

Actually, it was the very first cartoon Alexandre (Boloney) and I ever did. (it still actually makes me laugh out loud) This cartoon is alsocolor_0001_fish featured in our latest book entitled: ‘Butt Seriously’. (get your copy here)

Every time Subira sees this cartoon she rolls over onto her back and smiles. (and every time she does that I immediately check her breath; still kibbliy)

Good choice!

I read the paper every morning over breakfast to know what goes on in the world. And Subira – like any cat – likes to flop down onto the newspaper, causing me to have to read color_D_white_housearound her body.

She chose this next cartoon in response to what we have read together. (she bribed me with some of her kibble to print it.)

I find cartoons great in that they can convey so much in so little space – one frame!

Silly Juju

As you can see Subira is resting now after having done the bulk of the work for this post. (it would be even more helpful to me if she could type.)

I must let her do this again sometime.

Perhaps on her birthday in April.

She is so purrfect at selecting cartoons!!









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