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Mustard And Boloney Cartoons In An Art Gallery!



Exciting news!  Several Mustard and Boloney cartoons will be shown in an art gallery. That’s right! We were asked to be part of a show featuring black/white art, so we printed up several large versions of some of our cartoons (in black and white of course)  and had them framed.  The prints are hand-signed by both Alexandre and myself. We are the only cartoonists to be invited to this particular show.  Who knows, maybe Lady Gaga 0217_blind_dogwill stop in and buy one or two prints. (she may even end up wearing them at some point. Earrings?)


Here’s an example of one of the pictures we’ve had framed for the show. (the size  is 20 1/2 x 20 1/2 inches)







And, here’s another that looks great blown up and mounted under glass. (also 20 1/2 x 20 1/2 inches)



For those of you who live in the Toronto area here are the particulars of where the show is being held, and the date.


Black and White Art ExhibitAvatar_mustard_hat

October 29th – November 4th

Ben Navaee Gallery

1107 Queen Street East

Toronto, Ontario.


Opening Reception takes place November 1st, 6:30 – 8:30 p.m.

It’s for one week only so your window to view -and perhaps purchase – them is short. I will be at the Saturday night gala (minus the chef’s hat but probably wearing my shoes made of boloney) from 6:30-8:30. Hope to see you all there!


Our Book ‘Butt Seriously’ Is On The Move Again. Seriously.




A few posts back I wrote about how a purchaser of our latest book entitled ‘ Butt Seriously’ took it and traveled all around Amsterdam taking pictures, and then sent me the photos. Well, I just received new pictures from another satisfied buyer by the name of Sandy, showing our new book travelling around Montreal in Quebec. Seriously!!


Here it is in front of their Olympic stadium. Perhaps after a breakfast of champions our humorous panels will be ready to run in the 400 meters against Usain Bolt. And, we may even

IMG_2873win as Usain will be so doubled over with laughter (at the thought of sprinting against a cartoon book) that he will be unable to run like the wind.

Gold medal win for ‘Butt Seriously’. Yes!!



Our book in this photo seems content to just gaze out over the city, basking in the warming sun. (let’s hope it has on plenty of sunblock. Don’t want the ‘Butt’ to get burned. Seriously)

Note: This is the back cover of the book. Here’s what it looks like a little bigger.



Yes, those are our caricatures. I, on the left, have been told I look like Sir Richard Branson. And, Alexandre, on the right, has been told that I look like Sir Richard Branson.

(Alexandre always wears copious amounts of sunblock on his head so as not to burn his creative brain)





Here we have an interesting photo. It looks as though our book has been pumping iron, and has bulked up considerably. It’s almost as big as that statue in the back!

Note: No banned substances or prohibited steroids were used in the making of this book.




Not all pictures of the book were taken outside.

Here, it’s quietly resting inside – after a busy day on the track – next to Sandy’s dog Ziggy.



Note: This picture must have been taken just as the book arrived and had not been read yet, because if it had been studied then Ziggy would be smiling, waging his tail, and showing us teeth of laughter.

Actually, just seeing the cover of ‘Butt Seriously’ inspired this pooch to go and immediately make a boloney sandwich.

ziggy photo with bun


One with plenty of Mustard of course!

Bon appetit.

Or, in this rare case,

Bone appetit!


Keep those photos coming!! We love to hear – and see – where our book has been. Seriously.