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Alexandre Rouillard is a graphic designer graduate who has also studied film animation at Concordia University where he won the Groupe Image Buzz Scholarship for a short film. During his many years of experience as a visual artist he has published several children books, worked on television series and social games as animator and illustrator. His latest graphic novel, Le manteau (The Overcoat) was released in November 2012.

Geppetto should've used oak instead of pine for his little guy.

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Boloney Illustrates New Children’s Book. Seriously!


There is exciting news here at Mustard and Boloney’s cartoon diner! Alexandre Rouillard (Boloney) has just completed illustrating a brand new children’s book called: Lulupop, Pants! No Chance! 

And, I have been privileged enough to receive an advance copy. I can honestly say that the story is strong and of course Alexandre’s artistry – as always – is impeccable. His style is a departure from our usual offerings here on our comedic diner but then it needs to be, as the book is designed for, well, why not let the author herself describe it? Take it away Susan Lanyi.

Pants! No Chance! is a picture book directed at preschool and primary school children.  The story focuses on Lulupop, a girl who simply loves dresses and does not like wearing pants.  Lulupop and her mother struggle daily but Lulupop is a feisty heroine with a mind of her own and she insists on wearing dresses no matter what the situation.  Through her own personal experience Lulupop eventually understands in particular situations it is more sensible to wear pants.


The inspiration for the main character Lulupop and “Pants! No Chance!” was Susan Lanyi’s three year-old daughter Leah who always wanted to wear dresses.   Susan believed that she was not the only one living this battle with her preschooler.  Other parents must have had similar experiences.  Thus the idea for Pants! No Chance! was born.



Thanks Susan for visiting our diner and bringing this book to our attention.  And, Alexandre Rouillard’s stunning water-colors certainly have brought life and breath to Lulupop the “Girl Who Loves Dresses.”

maisey in red dressThanks Susan. I already know of one young person I will make sure gets a copy, and that’s my granddaughter Maisey. (who loves dresses as well).

To order your own copy of this great children’s’ book visit:






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For their second record, French-Canadian folk guitar trio Harmonium expanded into a symphonic quintet, adding woodwinds and keyboards to flesh out

Source: Harmonium, ‘Si On Avait Besoin D’Une Cinquieme’ (1975) – 50 Greatest Prog Rock Albums of All Time

Le 24 Juin, fête de la francophonie

Poisoned - 2009


Bonjour, c’est moi Boloney.

Je n’ai pas publié directement sur ce blog depuis son lancement. Je préfère laisser cette partie à Mustard. Cependant,  pour la fête nationale du Québec, je tenais à souligner la culture francophone, qui est toujours aussi vivante après 400 ans de présence en Amérique. Pour l’occasion, je vous présente Emmanuel Laflamme. Son travail est à la fois très différent de Mustard and Boloney tout en se rapprochant de son esprit. Ses qualités en font un invité parfait pour notre Cartoon Diner.

Emmanuel Laflamme consume avec humour l’imagerie populaire et crée des scènes fortes de sens qui mènent autant à rire qu’à réfléchir. À l’image des surréalistes, il conçoit des représentations dont l’impossibilité manifeste capte l’attention du spectateur. Il crée ses œuvres un peu comme un publicitaire qui n’aurait rien à vendre. Conjuguant les références culturelles, il détourne les mythes anciens et modernes pour nous servir son regard sur le monde, à la fois tendre et critique. L’absurde est son terrain de jeu, l’anachronisme est sa spécialité.

Dark Knight Dali - 2009

Emmanuel est né en 1984 à Montréal. Artiste autodidacte, il a travaillé comme designer en dessin animé et collaboré à des projets de publicité, cinéma et jeux vidéo.


Even Giants Can Fall - 2010


Hello, it’s me Boloney.

I have not published directly on this blog since its launch. I prefer to leave that part to Mustard. However, for the National Day of Quebec, I wanted to highlight French culture, which is still alive after over 400 years of presence in North America. For the occasion, I wish to present Emmanuel Laflamme. His work is both very different from ours yet similar in that his wit approaches ones mind with humour; one presented and wrapped in an extraordinarily unique way. Emmanuel’s creative insights make him a perfect (first) guest here on our Cartoon Diner. We hope you enjoy his work as much as we do. 

Emmanuel Laflamme consumes popular imagery with humour, creating scenes with strong meaning that lead us to laugh and think. Like the surrealists, he develops representations with an apparent impossibility that captures the viewer’s attention. He creates his works like a creative director who would have nothing to sell. Combining cultural references, he diverts ancient and modern myths to serve us his perspective on the world, at once tender and critical. The absurd is his playground, the anachronism his specialty.

Emmanuel was born in 1984 in Montreal, Quebec. A self-taught artist, he has worked as a designer on a popular animated series, and has been involved with the advertising, movie and gaming industries as well.


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Napoleon Complex - 2010